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Olivia Rodrigo Used Her Driver's License To Visit a British Pub

James welcomes his guests Olivia Rodrigo and actress Renate Reinsve, who are both having incredible years. After celebrating Olivia’s 7 Grammy nominations and Renate’s BAFTA nod, Renate shares how she got a job working at a Scottish bar when she was just 16. Then, the 19-year-old star of “Olivia Rodrigo: driving home 2 u” shares how she was able to use her real ID to get into a pub after the Brit Awards.

Olivia Rodrigo

The biggest new artist of 2021 on her upcoming film, first-ever tour, and recording new music

Olivia Rodrigo’s past year has been nothing short of triumphant. Beginning with the smash success of her debut single drivers license, she’s become one of the most interesting and evocative new stars in pop music, not to mention the biggest. Her album Sour, released last May, built on the emotional promise of drivers license, but injected it with surprisingly punk-y energy, like on hit single good 4 u and opening track brutal. The album hit number one, went platinum, and netted the 19-year-old seven Grammy nominations.

There was just one issue: Thanks to the pandemic, Rodrigo barely got to perform live for her fans. Now, she’s solving that problem in two ways. Her first ever tour starts next month, the headlining Sour trek. But before that, she’s partnered with Disney+ for the film Driving Home 2 U (A Sour Film), which will be released on the streaming platform March 25. Structured like a road trip between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, the special features live performances of Sour tracks, intimate interviews about the songs, and behind-the-scenes footage shot during recording sessions with producer Dan Nigro.

“For a year, I filmed a show in Salt Lake City,” she says, referring to the Disney series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. “So I started writing there and ended writing and producing [the album] in L.A.” She re-created the trip between the cities late last year for the film, stopping in spots like the Mojave Airplane Boneyard and the Red Rock Canyon State Park. “You get to see the beautiful scenic drive.”

Going back and watching the footage of herself recording Sour with Nigro was its own kind of journey. The pair installed a GoPro in the L.A. studio where they worked soon after “Drivers License” was released. They were still very much finishing up the album, and the camera captures them picking apart arrangements, lyrics, and song order as it gets down to the wire.
“When you put out an album or put out singles, they take on an entirely different meaning. I think that’s the beautiful part about music,” she explains. “It was really interesting to go back and watch footage of when the songs are kind of beginning to form. I think there’s magic to that creative process, and they’re really fond memories in my life.”

Many of the live performances in the film are made even more special by the all-girl band Rodrigo has assembled. Together they perform even more rock-focused arrangements of the songs, upping the grunge-y kick of tracks like brutal and jealous, jealousy. Most of the band should be joining the singer on her upcoming tour, which starts just days after the film is released. “I think it’s so cool to watch women in rock, and I feel like there’s probably not enough of that shown in the media,” she adds.

That tour will be Rodrigo’s first ever. Back when she appeared on Rolling Stone’s cover alongside Alanis Morissette, she asked the icon about what it’s like to be on the road. Now, it’s finally happening, and Rodrigo is both a little nervous and very excited. “It’s a brand-new experience for me that I’ve never really had a test of, so it’s going to be really fun,” she says. “I put out my music in the isolation of COVID, so I’ve gotten to play very, very little shows. I’m excited to see my fans in real life. There’s something so special about that that can’t be captured by social media and technology.”

When she thinks of concert experiences she’s had that she wants to emulate for her fans, Lorde’s Melodrama tour comes to mind. “I was 14, and it was so incredible and so artful,” she reminisces. “I remember walking out of the Staples Center and being like, ‘I want to make a show and a piece of art that transports you.’ That was the gold standard for me.”

For Rodrigo, the film provides two important elements to the impending end of her Sour “era.” For friends and fans who can’t make the tour, they can still at least get a taste of what the songs will sound like on tour. driving home 2 u is also a victory lap for her debut album. She even added a previously unreleased song to the end credits, a scrapped and still-in-progress iPhone demo that currently doesn’t have a name. “I was listening to some of them and heard it and thought, ‘Oh, it’s kind of good!’ With the film, I wanted people to have a new bit of Sour content with it.”

As for the next chapter, she’s already been back in the studio working on her second LP, trying to get as much done as possible before hitting the road. “It felt like a closing chapter for me,” she adds. “I’m so, so excited to put out new music and to create the next set of worlds.”


Alanis Morissette & Olivia Rodrigo sit down for Rolling Stone

Olivia Rodrigo and Alanis Morissette have a surprising number of similarities, despite their age difference of nearly three decades. Here’s the advice that Morissette gave the young singer and what they have in common besides finding success in the music industry.

Olivia Rodrigo and Alanis Morisette have a lot in common

Alanis Morissette and Olivia Rodrigo have a great deal in common, so it makes sense that Rolling Stone had them interview each other in October 2021.

Although the two stars have a nearly 30-year age difference, they have had similar career paths. They were both child actors – Rodrigo starred on Disney’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, while Morissette was on the Canadian sketch show You Can’t Do That on Television.

But they both rocketed to new heights of fame when they pursued music careers, and some of their best songs are about bitter breakups. Rodrigo’s relationship with her Disney co-star, Joshua Bassett, inspired nearly all of the songs on her award-winning debut album Sour, including the lead single drivers license. As for Morissette, one of her most beloved songs is the scathing, seething hit, You Oughta Know.

With the biggest hit of early 2021, the singer-songwriter was just getting started.

When Olivia Rodrigo scored the first big hit of 2021 with the heartbreak ballad drivers license – which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent eight weeks on top, a nearly unheard-of level of achievement for an official debut single – it seemed fairly likely that it would end up towering over the rest of her breakthrough year.

By the time her rookie season came to a close, however, drivers license was firmly in her rear view. With the scorching post-breakup missive good 4 u, Rodrigo scored a second Hot 100 No. 1 that proved just as culturally pervasive, with a shout-along chorus, searing guitars and pulse-racing drum fills that proved the pop-punk revival percolating just below the mainstream had officially emerged aboveground. And the album both tracks were on, the rapturously received and Billboard 200-topping Sour, became one of the year’s biggest full-length sets, earning an album of the year nod for this year’s Grammy Awards — one of seven awards Rodrigo is up for in April. Merely a year into her solo career, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter isn’t a one- or even a two-hit wonder; she’s simply Olivia Rodrigo.

“When people from all walks of life and all over the world really connect with an album and artist this powerfully, you don’t stand in the way,” says John Janick, chairman/CEO of Interscope Geffen A&M (IGA), whose Geffen label announced Rodrigo’s signing three days before the release of “drivers license” in January 2021. “You do what feels right and what is authentic to the artist and project. You also think long term.”

In the short term, that means preparing for her Sour tour – Rodrigo’s first time hitting the road – which begins in April and will take her across America and Europe through early July. But while Rodrigo’s early blockbuster success would undoubtedly allow her to fill arenas, she’s instead visiting mostly smaller amphitheaters and concert halls. “I think it’s important not to skip steps in my career,” she says of the underplay strategy. “And also, I’m just really excited to play these more intimate venues and get to know my fans on a deeper, more personal level.”

At the same time, Billboard’s Woman of the Year will also get reacquainted with herself, as she lays the groundwork for her next album — and she’ll do it with a significant new addition to her team. Rodrigo recently signed with Aleen Keshishian and Zack Morgenroth of Lighthouse Media + Management, joining a roster that includes Selena Gomez and a slew of A-list actors. (She parted ways with longtime manager Kristen Smith of Camp Far West in January; Rodrigo declined to comment on the change.)

“Olivia is a once-in-a-generation singer-songwriter,” says Keshishian. “We were blown away by her preternatural intelligence, work ethic, sensitivity and vision. It has been so impressive getting to know her and seeing firsthand how grounded and down to earth she is, as well as how much gratitude she has. Not only is she collaborative, but she is respectful and appreciative of her collaborators. For an artist to be able to take suggestions and synthesize them, while still making sure their vision is implemented, is an extremely unique quality and something at which Olivia excels.”

It’ll be a different process this time around for Rodrigo than when she was a high-schooler better known as a Disney TV star than as a singer-songwriter. But she has already reunited with a familiar face in Sour co-writer/producer Dan Nigro, and she says their work on that album’s follow-up is underway — and they even have a title already.

drivers license single cover

Jodie Comer, Jared Leto, Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, Tesssa Thompson, Jennifer Hudson and Ruth Negga are among the stars who feature in the video.

Most of the celebrities interpret the song as a story of teen angst, while others like Comer showcase their impressive vocal skills as they belt out the lyrics.

The video comes ahead of the 2022 Oscars, which takes place on Sunday, March 27.

In honor of “spicy Pisces” Olivia Rodrigo, we match up her songs to the 12 signs of the zodiac.

It all ends with Pisces. As the last and oldest sign in the zodiac, the water sign is an amalgamation of all the lessons learned before it. To be a Pisces is to be empathic, compassionate, a little bit of a freak, and operating on a completely different frequency. Pisces feels it all, all the time; it’s not easy being the conduit for the universe’s poetry! But on the bright side, this translates into one seriously divine gift: profound and touching songwriting about love, loss, and longing. Nina Simone, Kurt Cobain, Rihanna, and Grimes have long held down the fish representation in music, and in 2021 the floodgates opened and threw a new voice into the mix – Olivia Rodrigo.

The teenage singer-songwriter and self-proclaimed “spicy Pisces” made her impact on music and culture at large not with a trickle, but with a straight up deluge. (In true water sign manner!) Her breakout hit “drivers license,” with its crisp, earnest adolescent longing dominated the charts and became a cross-generational hit. And then came SOUR, Rodrigo’s debut record that catapulted her from a momentary Disney starlet to a global sensation. As a songwriter, Rodrigo’s knack for distilling the emotional highs and lows of crushing hard and getting subsequently dropped on your ass is as Piscean as it gets. And in honor of her water sign impact, find out which Rodrigo song represents your zodiac sign, below.

Stepping into a DMV when you’re about to take your first driver’s test, while nerve wracking, is something of a milestone. And Olivia Rodrigo has been hitting milestones with frequency this year: her first album SOUR debuted at the top of the charts in May after the success of three previously released singles, most notably the viral “drivers license” (hence the DMV locale and its “interesting vibes.”) Her pop stardom may seem sudden, but Rodrigo has been entranced by music and songwriting for the majority of her 18 years, as if she’s been observing the right moves from the backseat of the car until it was time for her to get behind the wheel.

Rodrigo and her band take on the Tiny Desk mentality as they experiment with arrangements throughout this performance, embracing new sounds for her songs. The set begins with an acoustic version of the pop-punk-ish single “good 4 u,” and a similar setup continues with the addition of an echoey, electric guitar in “traitor.” “drivers license” features only Rodrigo and her keyboard, a shift from the recorded version well-known for Dan Nigro’s production and the ever-present beeping of a car door sensor. “deja vu” starts softly with just an acoustic guitar until the chorus ramps up to a full band after she exclaims, “Do you get deja vu, huh?”

SOUR tells the story of a first heartbreak, one that inspires an intense anguish most accessible when you’re a teenager. That open wound, empty-chest feeling of a breakup, especially when you’re as young as Rodrigo, is difficult to shake. The album allowed listeners to bask in Rodrigo’s heartache as if it were their own, but as she dances around an empty DMV and laughs along to a song about betrayal, she proves that time heals all wounds.

“good 4 u”
“drivers license”
“deja vu”

Olivia Rodrigo – vocals, guitar, keys
Heather Baker – guitars
Hayley Brownell – drums, guitars
Arianna Powell – guitars
Moa Munoz – bass, guitar

Olivia Rodrigo performs “driver’s license” Live at Austin City Limits. Olivia Rodrigo’s Austin City Limits performance premieres December 4 on PBS. Watch live or stream the episode at

The gallery has been updated with HD captures from the music videos for drivers license, deja vu and good 4 u. You can check out the thumbnails and links below.

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